Health Care Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Because of our familiarity with health care regulations and operations, health care providers frequently retain us to litigate commercial matters that involve health care issues. Examples of recent cases include representation of the purchaser of an assisted living facility whose seller had concealed numerous regulatory violations; representation of a hospital whose radiology group had sued for breach of contract; representation of a nursing facility owner in a lease dispute; representation of a therapy company in a dispute with a hospital; and representation of several providers in employment disputes.

Arbitration Cases

Many health care providers consider arbitration to be more efficient than judicial litigation (and awards in personal injury matters to be more reasonable). We have assisted several clients to structure arbitration provisions in admission agreements that are consistent with state law; and we have represented a number of clients (plaintiffs and defendants) in commercial arbitrations.

Personal Injury Litigation

We do not represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases. We do frequently consult with or assist risk management and personal injury defense attorneys, particularly with technical investigations, and in relation to regulatory appeals. Please feel free to call for additional information.